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it's been forever.

i'm back at college and a part of me never, ever wants to leave here; while another just wants to drive home and cry and have my mom hug me.

i'm getting too old for this.

all i want is to laugh and watch tv and party and smile like every other normal college student. it's just so damn impossible for me to let my anxieties go and stop worrying about the consequences all of my actions might make.

dear life, just let me fly by the fucking seat of my pants, please??! love, anna.

but all i can do is just push everyone farther away.

oh geez.

sched, btw.

9:00-9:50 | CMM 111| Informative Public Speaking
11:00-11:50 | CMM 202| Foundations of Communication Theories & Research
12:00-12:50 | CMM 330| Media Writing
1:00-1:50 | POL 201| American Political Systems

10:30-11:45 | REL 363 | Faith & Justice
12:00-1:15 | SOC 339 | Social Inequality.