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[x] Where were you when 2007 began?: at daniel morris' house, in the home theatre to be more specific.
[x] Who were you with?: daniel, mary beth, thomas nalley, kyle thompson, michael oconnor, jordan bond, lance flint, april cissel, paige sherrard, matt morris and his friends, and of course kelly, carolyn and their friends.
[x] What were you doing?: drinking water (hxc), listening to daniel yell at matt to kiss one of his lady friends, watching kelly and carolyn dance in their little 9 year old way to the music
[x] What did you do in 2007 that you've never done before?: A lot of stuff. I have no idea, it was a long year.
[x] What countries did you visit?: Just the good ole US of A.
[x] Did you suffer from illness or injury?: Nothing horrible.
[x] Where did most of your money go?: Clothes, food, alcohol...
[x] How old were you this year and how was your birthday?: I turned 18. It was great. Joe, Jacqui, Christine, Kim and Beth suprised me in the morning, my mom came up and we went shopping, that night was the Grey's premiere. That weekend was St. X/Trinity and was really fun.
[x] What did you want and get?: To stay out of trouble, to have fun, to have love in my life.
[x] What didn't you get that you wanted?: Little things I'm sure; nothing I can think of right now.
[x] What kept you sane?: Every person I knew and grew closer to.
[x] What political issue stirred you the most?: Iraq.
[x] Did you drink a lot of alcohol?: Yes
[x] Did you do a lot of drugs?: Not a lot.

[x] What was your favorite T.V. program?: Grey's, ANTM.
[x] What was the best book you read?: HP07!
[x] What was your greatest musical discovery?: The Decemberists, Bloc Party, Jack's Mannequin.
[x] What was your favorite movie from this year?: Sweeney Todd, Knocked Up, Borat.
[x] What was your favorite record from this year?: "Love Affair" - Regina Spektor.

[x] What was the most memorable moment?: Oh goodness. Christmas Break from senior year, the first night in Laura's basement, SBVII in general. More specifically, Mary Beth falling in hole on Easter, the Wisconsin boys, Adam spending the night and the Wisconsin boys coming over, the night with the Elite Eight, going to the 7th floor penthouse of the Quality Inn and Carter being obsessed with Jodi, "going putt putt," picking up Megan Webb, Scott Hannigan, John Forcht and Joe Mora from the side of the road, discovering plants in the elevator, partying with Brandon & friends, lame decisions that were made that night, hating John Forcht, impromptu party part 2, stealing potted plants and helium tanks with Brandon, Grant Meyer and MB, meeting Luke from Louisiana. Alright enough of that. Sneaking into St X prom, Thunder, Oaks and Derby, AHS Prom and afterparty, David Coursen Smith's party and Pat Miller trying to rape me and the goats, Graduation and St X graduation, Grad parties, Pat Van Hoose's party, going to MB's lakehouse!!! Tara's party, going to Wisconsin for Summerfest with Claire, Karissa, and Tara. Apartment sitting and the seven parties. MB's birthday party. My goodbye party. Moving into college. The first night. Getting used to classes. Everyone visiting on Labor Day weekend, and realizing things about a certain someone. Movie night with Joe. Coming home for St. X play, UofL parties. My birthday. St. X/Trinity game weekend, UofL party and escaping to John's. Start dating Joe. Visit to WKU and the lake. Midterms. Visit and Core 5. Thanksgiving. Home again for St. X/Trinity state. Christmas & break. New Years at Pat's.
[x] What was the best moment?: Summersummersummer.
[x] The worst?: I really didn't have many times I was down.
[x] What was your favorite moment?: Didn't I already do this?
[x] What was your least favorite moment?: These are repetitive. <-- word
[x] What song will always remind you of 2005?: Crank That, Soldja Boy; Low.
[x] What did you get really excited about?: SB, summer, school!
[x] What was your biggest achievement?: Surviving, in more than one way.
[x] Biggest failure?: Lying. But I don't consiter much to be failures; I learned from all of my mistakes.
[x] Proudest moment: Umm? Passing classes?

[x] Did you fall in love in 2005?: Yes. As stupid as I feel proclaiming that?
[x] Are you still in love with that person?: Yes
[x] Do you regret it?: no
[x] Did you break up with anyone?: No
[x] Did anyone close to you give birth?: Mmm no.
[x] Did anyone close to you die?: Not especially, no
[x] Whose behavior merited celebration?: So many peoples.
[x] Whose behavior appalled you?: John Forcht ruined some lives. For whatever reason I still accept him as a friend... I do love that kid
[x] Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate last year?: No, don't think so
[x] Who was the best new person you met?: Joe Mora. John Forcht. Jacqui Boyle. Christine Olding.
[x] Who did you miss?: Everyone at some point. While at college, pretty much everyone.

.:Are You:.
[x] Richer or poorer?: It depends on the time
[x] Thinner or fatter?: Uhh.
[x] Happier or sadder?: HAPPIER
[x] Smarter?: YES
[x] Describe changes you've made to yourself: I am fifty billion more times aware of myself.

[x] Was 2007 a good year for you?: Yes.
[x] What was your New Year's resolution?: I don't remember.
[x] Did you keep it?: Why not.
[x] Do you regret anything from this year?: I learned from all my bad decisions; I don't regret a thing. Something good came out of all of it.
[x] What do you wish you'd done more of?: trusting; telling the truth.
[x] What do you wish you'd done less of?: getting hung up over things that don't matter.
[x] What do you wish would have been better?: graduation/promish.
[x] Do you enjoy where you are now?: yes.
[x] Share a valuable lesson you learned in 2007: trust!

[x] Will you make a resolution for 2008?: nooo
[x] Know what it's going to be yet?: na.
[x] What would you like to have in 2008 that you lacked in 2007?: outgoingness?
[x] How will you be spending New Year's Eve?: already happened... pat's house... shwasted.
[x] How do you want to spend New Year's Eve?: i wish there hadn't been drama. :(


In 2007, I...
[ ] became/stayed single
[x] got kissed
[x] kissed someone new
[ ] kissed in the snow
[x] kissed in the rain
[ ] kissed on the beach
[x] fell in love
[ ] fell in love with a fool
[x] had my heart broken
[x] broke someone else's heart
[ ] had a stalker
[x] lost a friend
[x] had a good relationship with someone
[ ] questioned my sexual orientation
[ ] came out of my closet
[ ] got married
[ ] had a divorce
[ ] kissed someone of the same sex
[x] dated someone that I will never forget
[x] did something I regret
[ ] lost faith in love
[ ] kissed under mistletoe
[ ] got a promotion
[x] got a pay raise
[x] changed jobs
[ ] quit my job
[ ] dated a co-worker
[ ] dated my boss
[ ] dated my boss's son/daughter
[ ] got fired from my job
[ ] got straight A's
[ ] met a teacher who I became friends with
[x] met a teacher who I really hate
[x] found the subject I love
[ ] failed a class
[x] cut class
[x] skipped school
[x] got in a fight with a classmate
[x] did something I was proud of
[ ] discovered a new talent
[x] proved to myself that I'm an idiot
[x] embarrassed myself in front of the class
[ ] fell in love with a teacher
[ ] got the lead role in the school play
[ ] made a team
[x] was involved in something that I will never forget
[x] painted a picture
[x] wrote a poem
[ ] ran a mile
[x] listened to music I couldn't stand
[x] double dipped
[x] went to a sleepover
[ ] went to camp
[x] threw a surprise party
[x] laughed till I cried
[ ] flirted shamelessly
[ ] visited a foreign country
[x] visited a state
[x] cooked a disastrous meal
[x] lost something important to me
[x] got a gift I love
[x] realized something new about myself
[ ] went on a diet
[ ] tried to gain weight
[x] dyed my hair
[ ] came close to losing my life
[ ] someone/thing close to me died
[ ] got arrested
[x] read a great book
[x] saw a great movie
[x] saw a movie so scary that it made me cry
[x] saw a favorite band live
[x] did something that I wanted to tell everyone
[x] experienced something new
[x] made new friends
[x] found out who your real friends are
[x] lied to your parents
[ ] snuck out
[ ] got in trouble with a po-po
[ ] kissed in a pool
[ ] kissed under the stars
[x] had the time of your life
[x] danced
[ ] fell out of love
[x] had a crush on someone
[x] swam in a pool
[x] made a snowman
[ ] went snowboarding
[ ] went sledding
[x] slept in past 2pm
[x] held someone's hand that you care about
[x] got wasted in a public place
[x] told someone you like them as more than a friend
[x] gone on vacation
[x] gone on vacation with a friend
[x] driven a car
[x] danced in the rain
[x] got in a car accident
[x] seen someone get in a car accident
[ ] got in a fist fight
[x] laughed until you couldn't breathe
[x] missed someone
[ ] sent someone to the hospital
[ ] got a new pet

in the past year, have you

1. Taken a picture naked?
2. Painted your room?
3. Made out with a member of the same sex?
4. Drove a car?
5. Danced in front of a mirror?
6. Have a crush?
7. Been dumped?
8. Stole money from friend?
noo... but borrowed and never gave back yes :)
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met?
yessss, john fuh and joe mo :)
10. Been in a fist fight?
11. Snuck out of your house?
no actually..
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?
13. Been arrested?
14. Made out with a stranger?
yes... so awkward and i felt horrible when it happened, but if it hadn't i would not be friends with the people i am today. it's so strange how these things happen..
15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere?
16. Left your house without telling your parents?
17. Had a crush on your neighbor?
tyler conway!! haha
18. Ditched school to do something more fun?
yes maam.
19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex?
20. Seen someone die?
21. Been on a plane?
22. Kissed a picture?
23. Slept in until 3?
24. Love someone or miss someone right now?
yesss both.
25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
26. Made a snow angel?
yes? i think?
27. Played dress up?
28. Cheated while playing a game?
29. Been lonely?
30. Fallen asleep at work/school?
31. Been to a club?
32. Felt an earthquake?
33. Touched a snake?
34. Ran a red light?
35. Been suspended from school?
36. Had detention?
37. Been in a car accident?
yes... fuck you danny greene.
38. Hated the way you look?
no not hate
39. Witnessed a crime?
purse stealer in graeters
40. Pole danced?
41. Been lost?
42. Been to the opposite side of the country?
43. felt like dying?
44. Cried yourself to sleep?
46. Sang karaoke?
47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
48. Laughed til some kind of beverage came out ur nose?
49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
50. Kissed in the rain?
51. Sing in the shower?
52. Made love in a park?
53. Had a dream that you married someone?
don't think so
54. Glued your hand to something?
55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole?
56. Ever gone to school partially naked?
57. Been a cheerleader?
58. Sat on a roof top?
59. Didn't take a shower for a week?
60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?
61. Played chicken?
62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger?
64. Broken a bone?
65. Been easily amused?
66. Laugh so hard you cry?
67. Cried at school?
68. Cheated on a test?
69. Forgotten someone's name?
70. Slept naked?
71. Gone skinny dipping in a pool?
73. Blacked out from drinking?
74. Played a prank on someone?
75. Gone to a late night movie?
76. Made love to anything not human?
77. Failed a test?
78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat?
79. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours?
80. Bought lingerie?
81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July?
no... i was in wisconsin
82. Thrown strange objects?
83. Felt like killing someone?
84. Thought about running away?
85. Ran away?
86. Got drunk?
87. Had detention and not attend it?
89. Made parent cry?
don't think so
90. Cried over someone?
91. Owned more than 5 sharpies?
I guess.
92. Dated someone more than once?
93. Have a dog?
95. Own an instrument?
96. Been in a band?
97. Drank 25 sodas in a day?
98. Broken a cd?
Don't think so.
99. Shot a gun?
100. Been on myspace for more than 5 hours?
no maam... fb yes.