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it's been awhile.

spring break is next week and all i can do is procrastinate. what's new?

today i was reading my cousin's blog and realized that i should probably email her or something one of these days. i miss her. she had two little precious baby girls in january that were born more than three months early. they had to induce labor because of an infection. they were fraternal twins, and baby emma didn't have enough fluid surrounding her before she was born, and couldn't develop fully. her lungs didn't work properly, and she passed away a few hours after she was born. baby kailey is over four pounds now, and is going to be off oxygen soon. she should be able to go home soon. my heart just aches for my cousin, who isn't even living back home right now. her family is split between louisville, dallas and denver, and she is stuck in north carolina right now. i am visiting her sister in june, and almost feel guilty that i'm not going to see her instead. but she is strong beyond belief; and i will be seeing her later in the summer when she comes home for emma's memorial service.

i'm just unbelievably proud of her and hadn't thought about it much.

meanwhile, i'm completely happy in every aspect of my life. :)
it's been almost 6 months and that's terrifying to me. but i've learned to trust more than i ever though i would.