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thanksgiving break update.

returned from dayton after a prolonged car trip. dropped off brandon at his house, awkward experience with mollie's car in the driveway that made all of us laugh and only left brandon flabbergasted. got dropped off at home, spent a good hour with the fam, then got coffee right quick with mary beth and her friend allison from western. after that we went to cafe 360. we met up with a bunch of people: jacqui, joe, brandon, carey beth, sarah p., ashley, richard, dallas, and justin. it was good to see everyone, even though i felt like ashley, richard and sarah were being kind of bitchy, which sucks because i usually like them a lot. on the other hand, carey was being really sweet - she's starting to grow on me, even though we started off on the wrong foot when i inadvertently stole her franzia. long story. dallas followed me to kurz hall at u of l, where we met up with joe again and josh portman. he gave me back my dad's marine corps marathon medal which he stole this summer. haha, i missed that kid more than i would ever admit. matt was having a party in his dorm for kevin (it was his birthday). i stayed for a little while, everyone else ended up staying the night in carey's dorm in community park. john and kevin bought a hookah and people smoked in the bathroom. butterscotch - delish.

uneventful during the day. that night, went to elizabeth's house and gave beth, jodi and bivin rides. got to see elizabeth, colleen, chelsea, and jenny which was lovely seeing i hadn't seen many of them since summer. we went to olive garden and then back to ehags to hang out for a little bit. watched a wonderful youtube video: "welcome to my home." i am adding a fox.

thanksgiving of course. we had my mom's side at our house, and it was nice. no fun stories, no ruined turkey although it was a close call. after that i went over to my uncle bryan's house at 3ish and got some dessert. eric, ian, jake and i played a hardcore game of monopoly. jake and i ended up forfeiting. that night i went home and watched some grey's. yaay.

busy. went out to eat with mary beth and courtney at the deli for lunch. i went back home for a little bit and watched some antm, then went to stonybrook to see "august rush" with elizabeth, colleen and beth. incredibly unrealistic, but a bit of a tear jerker. afterwards i went by my dad's for a few minutes because he was having a little family get together and i was required to make an appearance more or less. pondered putting the marine corps marathon medal back in its proper place; decided not to. then travelled to heine's and met up with the people from the movie, john b, beth ri, chica, and laura. me, john, chica and beth ri went to cafe 360 afterwards. it was a lot of fun - i got to see a lot of people i didn't think i would be able to over the break. after that i drove down to kurz again and had a little mini-fiesta with john f, joe, jacqui, matt, and amanda. awkwardly sean ward, eric brewer and tyler purcell also showed up. got dominated in whisky pong, which i will never play again. got locked in matt's suitemate's room, who was not home. awkward. troy, ian and jacob randomly showed up for like 5 minutes. more or less the most random moment of my life. john, joe, jacqui and i stayed in amanda's room. no one threw up on the futon or me this time, thank the lord.

saturday: left amanda's dorm, drove home and took a shower. hung out with the bro, watched more antm. went to my cousin alanna's 3rd birthday party out in crestwood. yaay family. it was fun. i left at 630ish to go to ditto's on bardstown to go out to eat. met up with daniel, katie mooney, jacob bishop and his girlfriend julieanne, jordan bond, lance, and some other guy named pat i think? jordan awkwardly showed up in an oxford and tie with khakis. "i'm sorry, did st. x just let out?" he claimed that he had just gotten done writing a paper, and dressing in a shirt and tie makes him write better. riiight. it was fun, and made me realize i kind of miss those guys. after that i went over to laura r's house, and reuinited with my summer besties, laura, marci, courtney and mary beth. we watched "30 days" on fx and just caught up and ate pumpkin pie. it was nice.

sunday i woke up and spent some time with the family. went to brandon's to carpool back to dayton. looked at the st. x 06-07 yearbook, which included the following awkward pictures of my boyfriend: him with a shovel, vaccuming with a teacher while wearing tazmanian devil slippers, with john fuh and mrs. reynolds at graduation, on senior day with john, gus, grant, brandon and jacob wearing awkward gym shorts. i feel like it was only fitting to his awkward personality.